President Logic Lo

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics Department, Tunghai University.
Master of Mathematics Department, Tamkang University.

Instructor of Applied Mathematics Department, Tunghai University.
Chairman of Hong Wen High School
Current Position
Chairman of Washington Foundation 
Chairman of Jia Yu Culture Co., Ltd.
Principal of Washington Kindergarten
Chairman of Washington Elementary School
Chairman of Washington High School
Board Director of Asia University



Chairman's words: Let’s climb to the top together!

In this global age of the 21st century, we are not only focusing on consistent progression but also know how to help students broaden their international horizons,
enhance both computers and language skills, and build their competitiveness which has been the trend in education in this millennium. Washington High School was born under this trend.

What Washington High School sticks to is: a firm principle of quality education, a comprehensive educational direction, and adherence to the best education and perfect care which are provided by a group of quality of excellent teachers with inspirational and creative teaching methods. With these fine teaching qualities, exceptional teaching, and professional counseling. Enlightened education is full of possibilities!

To internationalize and to implement this humanistic approach is the spirit of supporting the education business in order to fulfill the philosophy--- self-realization. Our philosophy of running an educational institution from kindergarten to university is the goal we strive to achieve! I expect the students to have endless learning vitality!

Reserve a wonderful future for yourself. Having you on board toward the goal of self-realization through schooling, allow me to cheer for all of us!